Ilorin Innovation Hub E-Government Hackathon Program 2023

Ilorin Innovation Hub E-Government Hackathon Program 2023

We are excited to announce that applicants are invited to apply for Ilorin Innovation Hub E-Government Hackathon Program 2023. Ilorin Innovation Hub E-Government Hackathon Program 2023

We’re glad to announce our first ever hackathon on E-Government in collaboration with the Kwara State Government, coming up January 28-29 2023.

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There will be more than N10m in prizes to be won. We believe government can become more efficient via adoption of technology and digital transformation.

The current mode of communication in government agencies is still mostly paper-driven, which comes with several risks. These are real-world problems we want to solve. We want to unlock solutions in Power & Renewable Energy, Connectivity, Hardware, Web & Mobile Applications and Security.

Focus Areas

  1. Power & Renewable Energy
    Power has been a major challenge in Nigeria, especially in the public sector where there’s limited funding. We want to discuss the efforts and opportunities in this category, more than just compete for a prize. Prepare to see on-site power installations.
  2. Hardware & Devices
    Drones, mobile phones, tablets, computers are all hardware that will be applied into functional solutions, either standalone or complementing another existing solution.
  3. Connectivity
    This is going to be a contest of internet service providers. We will allow local internet service providers to test their network and connectivity.
  4. Web & Mobile Applications
    Once you have power, hardware and connectivity you can now build and run applications to solve problems. Whether coding from scratch or using a nocode/low code tool, theres endless possibility on what can be achieved.
  5. Security & Privacy
    We’re going to test our skills at penetrating (and securing) some of the work done as well as other test projects/websites. We will also look at securing personal data for use in government and NDPR.

How to Apply

Do you love innovation and challenges? Then join this gathering of young minds in Kwara State to solve problems in government.