Fulbright 2022 America Research Award


Fulbright 2022 America Research Award


This award is designed for people who received their doctoral degrees from Taiwan or other non-English speaking countries. The award provides an opportunity for scholars to conduct research and establish scholarly contacts in the U.S. academic world in all academic fields: applied policy/social sciences, arts, business, culture, education, humanities, information, media, and social sciences.

Aim and Benefits of Fulbright Doctoral Scholarship

  1. A fixed sum from US$9,600 to US$32,000, prorated over the grant period.
  2. A research allowance of US$3,000
  3. Possible placement services by IIE; the service will be based on the research project itself
  4. Prospective Fulbright participants should be aware that public health conditions, availability of consular services and travel, as well as U.S. institutional operating status and policies may affect their ability to travel to the U.S. and participate in academic programs.


Requirements for Fulbright Doctoral Scholarship Qualification

Applicants are eligible who:

  1. Have received a doctoral degree from Taiwan or other non-English speaking countries.
  2. Are affiliated full time with an organization in Taiwan for at least 1 year.
  3. Are recommended by the highest chief administrator of the home institution. (File the Leave Approval Form, the last page of the application instruction in the application system.
  4. Meet the Grant Conditions and Provisions (Eligibility & Visa)

Applicants are Ineligible who:

  1. Are currently teaching, studying, or conducting research in the U.S.
  2. Have received a J-1 visa in the category of Professor/Research Scholar within the past 2 years. They cannot be issued another J-1 visa in the category of Professor/Research Scholar.

Other Requirements:

  1. The duration of grants ranges from 3 to 10 months, though the visa sponsorship could be extended to 12 months. The grants must begin no earlier than August 1, 2023. They must end no later than August 31, 2024. The grant should not be used for different stages.
  2. During the grant period, the grantee must submit a research or reflections article to FSE’s Online Journal Research & Reflections

Interview date, Process and Venue for Fulbright Doctoral Scholarship


  • October 31, 2022——Deadline of application
  • Early December, 2022——A Selection Committee (academic peers from a variety of disciplines and Board members) reviews all documents and research proposals.
  • Late December, 2022—— The Selection Committee recommends a nominee list to FSE’s Board. Applicants are notified by our Foundation of nomination/non-nomination after the Board meeting.
  • March, 2023——Final approval is released from FFSB to our Foundation.
  • May, 2023——Pre-Departure Orientation
  • August, 2023——Grant starts (the grant start date is flexible but it should be between August 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024, and ends no later than August 31, 2024)


Documents Required for Application

Submit the hard copy of the following required documents to Fulbright Taiwan. (postmarked no later than October 31, 2022)

  • Hard copies of your completed on-line application form (filled in English, including application form, project statement, English CV, highest chief administrator approval form, financial statement of other
    grants/ scholarships which will be used in the same period of Fulbright grant, and passport copy)
  • Chinese CV (the translation version of your English CV with your cell phone number and mailing address. We’ll deliver the notification letter via post mail after the nomination list is confirmed.)
  • 3 English recommendation letters (if your referees do not want to complete recommendation letters online)


Application Deadline

October 31, 2022


How to Apply

Apply online no later than October 31, 2022. For application information, please refer to: Application Instruction (PDF)

The mailing address is:

Foundation for Scholarly Exchange
2nd Fl., 45, Yanping S. Rd., Taipei 100011, Taiwan
Attn. Fulbright Exchange Program (Experience America)

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