free universities in the united states 2022-23


free universities in the united states 2022-23

Studying in the United States of America could
be very expensive and capital intensive
depending on the institution and also the type
of educational program you want to pursue.
Free universities in the United States are
those universities which provide tuition-free
opportunities for prospective students to study
in the United States.
Since fully funded scholarships are limited,
students would usually opt for tuition free
programs where they can pay very little or no
tuition to help reduce their financial burden and
at the same time gets the best quality of

There are numerous universities in the United
States which offer tuition-free programs, but the
options are limited for international students.
Fortunately, in this article we have listed some
popular universities in the United States which
provide tuition-free study for international

List of 2022/23 Free Universities
in the USA

1.) Berea College
Since founded in 1855, the Berea college
mission is to provide access to quality
arts education to international students
who would not ordinarily be able to
afford a college education. This
prestigious university is located in Berea,
In the early days of establishment
students at campus jobs to support themselves and their families and paya
modest tuition. In 1892, the tuition
requirement was removed entirely, and
has remained so, since they believe
students from average income earning
homes can also get educations.

2.) Alice Lloyd College

Founded in 1923 by co-founders by journalist Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd and June Buchanan. Being a tuition-free college, the mission of the Alice Lloyd college is to educate international students for positions of leadership by:
.Offering high quality education, making
emphasis on the liberal arts
Producing leaders who possess high moral
and ethical values
Promoting the work ethic through a self-help
Student Work Program in which all full-time
students participate.

.Providing the right atmosphere in which the
right Christian value are upheld
Be able to communicate effectively through
the spoken word, the written word, and the
use of other abstract symbol systems.
The most popular subjects and courses offered
in the at the Alice Lloyd university are majorly
education, social science, natural science,
mathematics, humanities and business and
entrepreneurship, the Alice Lloyd university is
located at Pippa passes Kentucky

3.) Webb Institute
The Webb institute is a private undergraduate
engineering college located in Glen cove, New
York. At the Webb institute, your education
centers on Naval Architecture and Marine
Engineering, two dynamic fields that are multi-
disciplinary; from ship design and systems
engineering to marine engineering, electrical
engineering, and civil engineering. All enrolled students are granted a full-tuition scholarship
(U.S citizens and permanent residents only). It
has a two-months of guaranteed internships
every year during study. It is being ranked as
one of the best value colleges in the United

4.) College of the Ozarks
Founded in 1851, the college of Ozarks (also
Columbia college) is a Christian non -tuition
liberal art college, the Columbia college offers
many courses on location for students who wish
to include traditional classroom instruction as
part of their degree program. However,
students will pursue multiple learning methods
which include both online and virtual learning.
Because of it work per week policy to qualify for
its free tuition, it was nicknamed ‘Hard work U’
because students will have to work 15 hours per
week to qualify for its tuition free programs.
Columbia college is recognized as a leader in
higher education and one of the best online schools because it serves both students online
and in residents. Popular majors in this college
include business, teaching, education and
criminal justice. It located at 100 Opportunity
Ave, Point Lookout, MO 65726, United States

5.) The Curtis Institute of Music
The Curtis institute of music was founded in
October 13 1924, the institute offers for a
performance diploma, a bachelor degree in
music, a master’s degree in music opera, for
close to a century the Curtis institute of music
has offered it member of it student body with
unparalleled education alongside musical peers,
distinguished by a “learn by doing’ philosophy
and personalized attention from a faculty that
includes a high proportion of actively
performing musicians. To make sure admission
are given solely on artistic performance, Curtis
institute of music makes an investment in each
student to ensure no tuition is charged for their
studies. Iocated in Philadelphia united states of

6.) City University of New York
Founded in 1961 the city university of New York
is regarded as the public university of New York
the city university of New York includes 24
campuses: eleven senior colleges, seven
community colleges, and undergraduate honors
college and seven postgraduate institutions. The
city university of New York is one of the popular
universities that offers tuition free scholarships
to students who join their Teacher Academy.
Everyone who enrolls is eligible for this tuition
free scholarships. Located in New York City, this
prestigious institution is regarded as the largest
urban university in the united states.

7.) US Service Academies
The US service academies are among the tuition
free universities in the United States of America
if you have interest of joining the US military
then you need to try enroll among in any of the
5 united service academies They are

U.S. Military Academy, (location: West Point,
New York)
U.S. Air Force Academy, (location: Colorado
Springs, Colorado)
U.S. Naval Academy, (location: Annapolis,
U.S. Coast Guard Academy, (location: New
London, Connecticut)
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. (location:
King’s Point, New York)
You will get free tuition, accommodations,
amazing training facilities. the program is a 4
years’ free tuition scholarship during this period
you are given a monthly stipend in substitution
for service. The application process is lengthily
and breath taking it may require:

.Superior high school GPA

.High standardized test scores (SAT or ACT)
Athletics and extracurricular activities
Leadership experience and community
.A congressional letter of recommendation
(not required by the Coast Guard Academy)
Applicants also need to pas a physical fitness
8.) Deep spring college
Deep Spring College, founded in 1917, is
recognized as a unique institution of higher
education learning. The school education
program is built on academics, students self
government, and manual labor. Every year
between twelve and fifteen students each
receives a full scholarship; the college covers
the costs of tuition, room, and board for every
student offered admission. In exchange for this,
students are needed to submit and dedicate
themselves to service to humanity courses

offered by this prestigious university includes
politics, science, journalism, academics,
agriculture, medicine, law, business, and design.
9.) Lewis-Clark State College
Founded in 1893, Lewis-Clark State College
provides a unique and safe learning
environment, paying the lowest of tuition for
non-resident, students chosen from over 130
degrees and certificates including two- and four-
year degrees in both academic and career and
technical education fields. It is listed among the
states of Washington universities which
sometimes offers free tuition. The Lewis Clark
university is one of the leaders when it comes to
online learning
10.) University of Washington
The University of Washington is one of the
prominent universities in the world ranked no.7
in a recent university ranking. Founded in
November 1861, the university currenlty educates more than 54,000 students annually
and it is widely recognized. Thankfully, the
University of Washington makes the list of
tuition-free universities in the USA for
international students owing to its unique
tuition-free program. The free tuition waivers
are only applied in specific situations for
students who meet specific eligibility
requirements and do not have formal
application processes. It is located in
Washington D.C, the country’s capital.
Concluding Remarks:
The above-mentioned institutions some of the
popular tuition-free universities in the United
States which makes tuition-free study available
to both domestic and international students.
However, there are terms and conditions which
must be met specific to each institution.
Student are advised to get precise informatioon
on tuition-free arrangements of their desired
schools directly from the schools in question
before taking a leap. Best of luck.